Our Services

Executive Search

As a HR Consultant our understanding of cultural fit and strong networking skills enable us to provide highly experienced talent across various industry segments irrespective of Skilled or Unskilled Labour Force. In our executive search process, focus is laid on Quality, Leadership & Efficiency skillset in candidates that shall help our clients to achieve better results in their day to day business operations.

“Understanding Human Needs Is Equivalent Is Half Job Done.”

Junior and Middle Level Search 

We find the right talent at the junior and middle management levels for various organizations. We believe that matching candidates to jobs is only possible by having deep insights and understanding of both the candidate and the client.

“To win the marketplace, you should first win the workplace.”

Good Network

We as a Man Power Service provider have a better expansion of the network than the traditional working recruitment agencies.
The possibility of getting the best,well cultured and good talents through our staffing solutions is unmatched.

We are capable of providing various types of employees for the position like short term temporary hires, permanent employees, task-contract based employees, and so on.

“Your Network is Your Networth”

“If you accept we have no limitations for growth you can go for unlimited growth in your life”

Growth Opportunity

Our strong association at grass root level provides the right opportunity to connect with pool of enthusiastic candidates irrespective it’s a fresher or experienced for right overseas employment opportunities across all business verticals.

For the candidates, we try to select organization where they fit in nicely and can use their skills & talents to the optimum levels. These organizations provide stimulating environment to enhance the candidate’s efficiency and all round development hence it provides mutual growths.

  1. We assist in finding the right job for right people.
  2. Provide guidance for realistic professional careers abroad.
  3. Assist in learning interviewing skills and techniques.
  4. Provide unbiased suggestions to the candidates.
  5. Assist candidates with bench marking their skills.


“Your Manpower will Make You A Superpower.”

The prime benefits of our global recruitment solutions:

  • As a leader in global recruitment, NaukriVisa connects your business to local and international talent across all industry verticals.
  • We customize a recruitment strategy that aligns with your expansion objectives and help you to source, hire, and onboard your global workforce.

A strategic approach to global talent acquisition:

  • We specializes in the strategic recruitment of talented and hardworking work force to drive your business expansion. Our experienced & talented recruitment hunt team utilize innovative sourcing methods to meticulously identify and match your organization to exceptional talent across any industry vertical.
  • We have the global capabilities and specialized local expertise to fast-track your expansion into new markets.

NaukriVisa empowers your business through by adopting tailored recruitment strategy:

  • Customized end-to-end employment solutions for your business expansion. Assessment expertise enabling your company to readily connect with elite candidates.
  • In-country experts with an understanding of local market conditions across all major industries.


We are the Best Manpower Recruiters!